A surprise package from an old friend in the mail… Das Güd!

I felt like a kid at Christmas when the postal employee lady handed the box across the counter. It had a Das Güd sticker on the front.


I could barely contain my excitement as I drove the half mile back home and cut the packing tape to reveal not one, but TWO bottles of sauce from my dear friend of a quarter century, Nick Trevino.

I took pictures of the unopened bottles to have record of the original visuals of the sauce before I opened them. Garlic Habanero and Blueberry Habanero.

Both are gluten-free, and made with all natural ingredients. I mean really… vegetables and some vinegar.
Abracadabra. Magic. Perfecto.
In my hands, I held an orange one and a purple one. I started with the Garlic Habanero.
After so many snapshots on the wood cutting board, Garlic Habanero was calling me to quit taking stupid pictures and taste it already. Carrots and habaneros give it the golden hue.
I struggled briefly with the obvious questions… How should I eat it? Should I eat it with cream cheese and crackers? Should I pour some in a spoon and taste it first? Would it be in poor taste to just turn the bottle up and take a swig?
I decided since it was before 9 a.m., I’d try the Garlic Habanero on eggs. I eat eggs nearly every day, and whether they’re fried, poached, scrambled, or an omelet, there’s only so much you can do to mix it up. Fried in my favorite KerryGold butter, I plated the eggs. Shook the sauce. Removed the lid. Sniffed the bottle. Salivated like a dog with a t-bone dangling in front of it. Oh.My.GAWD.
With my mouth watering, I poured it on the steaming, buttery eggs. Thick, golden, sweet, spicy, savory, utter perfection. I didn’t even add salt or pepper to the eggs… just the Das Güd Garlic Habanero Sauce.

Did I lick my plate? I’ll never tell.
Did I want to lick my plate? You better believe it.
As tasty as the Garlic Habanero sauce is, it would be totally acceptable to make sure you got every little bit of its spicy deliciousness in your mouth. Don’t waste a smidge.
Lunch rolled around and I was determined to make as many different dishes as possible with our leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Turkey salad, turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, stock simmering with the turkey carcass… if it were shrimp, Bubba Gump would’ve been proud of our post-Thanksgiving refrigerator.
I opted for a bowl of brown rice and turkey soup, and it was a pleasant choice for lunch… but adding a couple splashes of Garlic Habanero made it a really GÜD lunch!
There’s so much flavor in that one bottle. I’m still trying to figure out how the Trevinos did it… maybe I shouldn’t overthink it, and just enjoy the burst of colorful flavors with each bite.
My mouth just watered thinking about it.
Tomorrow, we’ll try out the Blueberry Habanero with a new block of cream cheese that’s waiting in the fridge alongside the bottles of Das Güd. I wonder how a Blueberry Habanero vinaigrette might taste on a bed of mixed greens?


Oh, tomorrow can’t get here soon enough!
Trevinos scored beyond A+ … whatever score is the güddest is how I rate the Garlic Habanero Sauce… Das SO Güd!!!
Find Nick and Dana’s sauces at http://www.dasgudspice.com and on Facebook at Das Güd Spice Co. and order it TODAY!!!


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