Short and sweet… I’ve got cookies to eat.

So, here’s the deal… I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. It’s already my bed time (even though I took an excessively long nap this afternoon) and since this recipe is SO simple, there’s no need for me to over-talk it and make it more than it needs to be.

Keep it simple, stupid. Remember that from grade school math?

Lately, I’ve gotten into pinning things on virtual boards in Pinterest. I’ve had a Pinterest account thingie for like five years … maybe less … whatever, since it came out. I never had time or the desire to look at all sorts of stuff and “pin” “ideas” to “boards”… until recently. Hence the clever names of my boards:
“Stuff I’m gonna do… someday…”
“Stuff I might think about…”
“Things I like for the place I keep my stuff…”
“Outdoorsy stuff”
“Just Stufffffff.”

You get the point. My more clever and useful boards are hidden, so only I can see what the real deal is… sorry!

Not sorry.

((BTW, “:D” is the name of one of my boards))

See, I’m getting goofy and THAT’S why this needs to be short and sweet. If for no other reason.

SO, I was looking at chocolate muffin recipes (okay, cupcake recipes, it was cupcakes, not the healthier muffin) for no reason other than they popped up in my face, and I found quite a few cookie recipes that called for old bananas and oats.

Old bananas and OATS?!

That sounds GROSS!!!

But wait, I have that stuff!!!

I mulled over the recipes for two days – simple and beautiful in their own ways – and decided to just go for it this afternoon. But I couldn’t follow the recipe, that just wouldn’t be right…

Oats are great. They are healthy and good for you. I eat more oats than most horses. I get sooooooooo tired of oats.

The recipes I found said you could add in chocolate chips (duh), nuts, or whatever you wanted… I took it to a new level with my oat mixture… and I thank Bob and his Red Mill.

We eat lots of Bob’s Red Mill products, and the Old Country Style Muesli is one of our staples. It’s a hot or cold grain cereal, but it’s so much more than just old cereal… this one has whole grain rolled oats, wheat, rye, tritacale (whatever THAT is – hey, I’m just reading the package) and barley, along with sweet chewy dates and raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts.

There’s even a recipe for Bob’s Delicious Chocolate Chip Muesli Cookies on the back… I’ve made them several times, and they’re gone in no time. They truly are delicious… Bob doesn’t lie.

These cookies are SO tasty, even without eggs and butter and the other goodies that are usually in cookies. Give ’em a try.

Here’s what I did…

IMG_3053Mash two old bananas (you know, the brownish ones that you really don’t want to eat by themselves unless you’re a weirdo like my husband ❤ )

Add one-and-a-half cups of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli and a large handful or two of baking chocolate chips (I like bittersweet). Mix it up real good. Use your hands – I know I did. I have two of the best mixers attached to the end of my arms and I’m not afraid to use them.

Spoon onto a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I use parchment paper to bake on, and then transferred them to a cooling rack after a few minutes out of the oven.

Seriously. Easy, schmeasy.

I like using my Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven for most of my baking, roasting and broiling because it doesn’t heat up the house and it’s just awesome. This is what I bake my cookies in when I’m cooking small batches. I actually cook in it every single day, several times a day. I believe it’s my favorite appliance ever. Close tie with our Cuisinart Burr Grinder for coffee beans and my tongs, but tongs aren’t an appliance but an extension of my phalanges. I mean fingers. I’m tired and goofier by the moment. The oven is pretty dang wonderful.


I got a little crazy with the last three cookies and added cinnamon… I should have done that from the get-go.

I was really expecting to be writing about a Pinterest-Fail, but it didn’t happen this time… and my husband just walked past me with another cookie in hand. He didn’t even bring me my fourth cookie of the night. Probably a good thing 😉

Short and sweet. Sweet dreams, y’all.



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