Blog? Me?! But I hate templates.

I’m new to this whole idea of blogging. Granted, I wrote a weekly newspaper column for the better part of eight years… I’ve written feature articles for many different publications… I’ve read plenty of blogs… I blab on Facebook like it’s no big deal… but to be perfectly honest, I’m struggling with this blog thing. Mainly because I create things from nothing, and having to figure out pre-set design elements is really, really throwing me into a tizzy.

Back in the Olden Days, when I started my weekly recipe column in The Boerne Star newspaper, it was to fill a void left by the passing of the recipe lady who’d shared recipes with the readers for many years. I was young, totally unskilled in the kitchen, and without a clue regarding how to eat healthy and eat well. But I could write, and was looking for a little more satisfaction out of my proofreading and newspaper layout position.

So yeah, I said I’d write the recipe column… how hard can it be? I have a bunch of cookbooks. I love easy meal prep and my microwave and cooking from boxes and <<shiver>> recipes using Cool Whip.

It’s a wonder my child survived my awful kitchen habits.

I was all about shortcuts and three-ingredient recipes and laziness in the kitchen. The column evolved into stories about life (mine in general), with easy recipes attached.

Flash-forward five years into my column… the most responsive of my readers hassled me via email about the “unhealthy” easy recipes I was publishing. It all started with, “Why don’t you make your OWN salad dressing instead of spending money on all that garbage you talked about having in your fridge?” “Cool Whip?! Are you kidding? Why don’t you make your own whipped cream from scratch, rather than ingesting all those chemicals?”

As luck would have it, our daughters went to the same school. He knew who I was, but I didn’t know he was my pen-pal until two years into our pen-pal relationship. We met in person, we fell in love, he taught me the finer points of eating, preparing food from scratch, using all-natural and organic ingredients and enjoying taking hours instead of minutes to prep meals. Yeah, I know. Serendipity 🙂

With him in the picture, my columns became about food, nutrition, healthy eating, and treating your body well. I quit writing my weekly column around 2011, because honestly, after 500 columns about food and stuff, I needed a break. I have no culinary background other than my life experiences and my husband’s knowledge and his experiences to pull from. I mess up from time to time but try my best to keep all of our food free and clear of anything harmful… like not using baking powder with aluminum in it, for example. And, I’ve been told many people that I’m a really great cook.

Please bear with me as I try to figure out this blogging thing. I’ve got lots of foodie stuff that I’m chompin’ at the bit to share somewhere other than snippets here and there on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy what I do, because what I do at the end of the day, is food. At the beginning of the day, too. Oh, and all throughout the day… because food is what I do.


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